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How do I use float plan?
How do I use float plan?
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Creating and sharing a float plan will allow a friend or family member to track your trip progress and call search and rescue, should you end up in trouble. Creating and sharing a float plan can save your life. Don’t rely on luck. Play it safe.

Make sure your boat information is up-to-date before you create a float plan. Do this by tapping to You then adding or editing your watercraft information.

  1. Create a new float plan

Tap on Go at the bottom of the app and select Start a new trip. You will be prompted to activate a float plan. Tap Setup now.

2. Fill out your Float Plan details

Next, select the DECKEE user you want to share your Float Plan with (they will need to have their own free DECKEE account). You can save all the details to use them for future float plans, so you can file your next plan in no time.

Complete the extra important information such as the Finish time of your trip, your radio type and how many people are on board.

3. Select the departure point and arrival point of your trip

Drag the map around to specify the start and end points of your trip, then you are done!

4. Review and edit your float plan

Once you have created your float plan, you will have the option to view or edit it at any time during your trip. The recipient of your Float Plan will also be able to view the details in their DECKEE app. They can see how long you’ve been gone and when to expect you back.

5. Opening your float plan during an activity

While on the water, you can open or edit your float plan at any time by tapping Go at the bottom of the app to enter activity mode. Tap the Float plan button.

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