Creating and sharing a float plan will allow a friend or family member to track your trip progress and call search and rescue, should you end up in trouble.

Simply tap on “start” at the bottom of the main screen and select “set up a float plan.” From here, you’ll be able to add your trip details, as well as your safety contact’s information. You can save all the details to use them for future float plans, so you can file your next plan in no time.

Make sure your boat information is up-to-date before you file a float plan. Do this by tapping to "You" > "Profile" > "My boats".

If you share a float plan with a loved one via the Deckee app, they will be able to track your progress. They can see how long you’ve been gone and when to expect you back. If you're overdue, they will receive a notification.

Creating and sharing a float plan can save your life. Don’t rely on luck. Play it safe.

To help you remember to do it, you will be prompted to set up a float plan every time you start tracking a trip.

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