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How can DECKEE be free?
How can DECKEE be free?
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Since DECKEE was born nearly a decade ago, our Mission has not changed: help the world stay safe, informed, and enjoy their time on the water. The memories, adventures, and sense of community we all get to experience on the water is unmatched, but it's also true that the water can be unpredictable and dangerous. Planning, preparing, and having access to timely safety information and knowledge becomes vital for situational awareness.

Today, DECKEE is not just a collection of features to us. It's an obligation and a commitment. Every new safety initiative, every line of code, and every weather alert that is distributed, comes from a deep-rooted motivation to ensure every boater gets home safely.

As our community grows, so does our ambition to do more and serve better, while keeping essential safety tools and information free forever.

This is why we’ve created two key business models that enable us to do this

DECKEE Supporters Club

DECKEE Supporters Club is an optional annual membership. If you choose to become an official Supporter, you're not just going to unlock exclusive extra benefits; you're also directly contributing to a Mission that's bigger than any single one of us. As a Supporter, you’ll be helping us continually improve and launch new initiatives in the future, ensuring that everyone, whether a first-timer or a seasoned enthusiast, can enjoy their time on the water with confidence.

Partnerships and Data Reports

To help us achieve our mission, DECKEE actively partners with industry and maritime agencies to collaborate on safety initiatives and objectives. Some of these partnerships are commercial in nature which helps us pay the bills.

DECKEE also offers Data Reports to a variety of industry stakeholders, to help them make more informed decisions that lead to better outcomes for the boating community.

Boaters, anglers, sailors and paddlers log their on-water activities with the DECKEE mobile app every week. With respect for the community’s privacy, DECKEE strips this dataset of all identifiers and aggregates it. What is left is a vast source of trends and insights which partners can utilise to unlock economic, safety and environmental impact.

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